Sustainable Fisheries Staff


To reach Sustainable Fisheries staff, please call 727-824-5305.


Jack McGovern, Ph.D. - Assistant Regional Administrator

Kathleen Sands

Richard Fickley


Gulf of Mexico Branch

 Susan Gerhart- Branch Leader

Peter Hood

Rich Malinowski

Kelli O'Donnell

Lauren Waters


South Atlantic Branch

 Rick DeVictor - Branch Leader

Karla Gore

Nikhil Mehta

Mary Vara

Frank Helies


Caribbean Branch

Bill Arnold, Ph.D. - Branch Leader

Maria Lopez

Sarah Stephenson


Fisheries Social Science Branch

Branch Leader (Contact staff below):

Michael Jepson, Ph.D.

Denise Johnson, Ph.D.

Tony Lamberte, Ph.D.

Mike Travis, Ph.D

Christina Package-Ward

David Records


LAPPs/Data Analysis Operations Branch

Jessica Stephen, Ph.D. - Branch Leader

Michael Larkin, Ph.D.

Britni LaVine

Alisha Gray

Jeff Pulver

Catherine Hayslip


Fisheries Regulations Branch

Adam Bailey

Scott Sandorf

Joelle Godwin