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Snapper-Grouper Amendment 18B

The South Atlantic Council is concerned that regulations implementing several recent snapper-grouper amendments could increase the incentive to fish for golden tilefish. Therefore, the South Atlantic Council is proposing management measures that would limit participation in the golden tilefish sector of the snapper grouper fishery.

Actions in Amendment 18B:

  • Limit Participation in the Golden Tilefish Portion of the Snapper-Grouper Fishery
  • Establish Initial Eligibility Requirements for a Golden Tilefish Longline Endorsement
  • Establish an Appeals Process
  • Allocate Commercial Golden Tilefish Quota Among Gear Groups
  • Allow for Transferability of Golden Tilefish Endorsements
  • Adjust Golden Tilefish Fishing Year
  • Modify the Trip Limit for Fishermen Who Receive a Golden Tilefish Longline Endorsement
  • Establish Trip Limits for Fishermen Who Do Not Receive a Golden Tilefish Longline Endorsement

To reach the Sustainable Fisheries Branch staff, please call 727-824-5305.

Point of Contact:
Karla Gore

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