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South Atlantic Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 2

The comprehensive ecosystem based amendment 2 (CE-BA 2) contains Amendment 7 to the Coral FMP, Amendment 23 to the Snapper-Grouper FMP, Amendment 21 to the CMP FMP and Amendment 1 to the Sargassum FMP.  CE-BA 2 established annual catch limits (ACL) for octocorals in the South Atlantic and modified the Fishery Management Unit (FMU) for octocorals to remove octocorals off the coast of Florida from the FMU. The amendment limits the possession of managed species in the SMZs off of South Carolina to the recreational bag limit for snapper grouper and coastal migratory pelagic species. The amendment modified sea turtle release gear requirements for the snapper grouper fishery based upon freeboard height of vessels. CE-BA 2 also amended fishery management plans (FMPs) to designate or modify EFH and EFH-HAPCs.

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