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South Atlantic Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Amendment 1

The comprehensive ecosystem based amendment 1 (CE-BA 1) contains Amendment 8 to the Shrimp FMP, Amendment 19 to the CMP FMP, Amendment 6 to the Coral FMP, Amendment 9 to the Spiny Lobster FMP, Amendment 1 to the Dolphin and Wahoo FMP, and Amendment 19 to the Snapper-Grouper FMP.  Actions in CE-BA 1 protect specific areas of sensitive habitat, deemed Coral Habitat Areas of Particular Concern (CHAPCs) that house an array of deepwater coral species.  Actions in CE-BA 1 created  “Allowable Golden Crab Fishing Areas” and “Shrimp Fishery Access Areas” within two of the proposed CHAPCs are included to ensure the continued existence of the golden crab and deepwater shrimp fisheries and the communities they support. Other actions included defining EFH in the South Atlantic.

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