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Status of U.S. Fisheries Glossary of Fishery Terms Control Dates

NOAA Fisheries Service updates stock status and the Fish Stock Sustainability Index (FSSI) score quarterly.  

A list of commonly used terms and their definitions.

Control Dates (established by the Gulf of Mexico, South Atlantic, and U.S. Caribbean Fishery Management Councils)



Safe Reports Sustainable Fisheries Staff Meetings

A Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation (SAFE) Report is a document or set of documents that provides Councils with a summary of information concerning the most recent biological condition of stocks and the marine ecosystems in the Fishery Management Unit (FMU) and the social and economic condition of the recreational and commercial fishing interests, fishing communities, and the fish processing industries.

A directory of staff in the Sustainable Fisheries Division

SEFSC and SERO Meeting to Discuss the IPT and BSIA Process - April 12, 2016

Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Meetings

South Atlantic Fishery Management Council Meetings

Caribbean Fishery Management Council Meetings