Illustration of a Hogfish

Reef Fish Amendment 43: Hogfish Stock Definition, Status Determination Criteria, Annual Catch Limit, and Size Limit

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council took final action on Amendment 43 at their June 2016 meeting.   The purpose of this action is to 1) redefine the geographic range of the West Florida hogfish stock,  2) set status determination criteria including the maximum fishing mortality threshold, minimum stock size threshold, and maximum sustainable yield proxy for the West Florida hogfish stock, 3) set annual catch limits for the West Florida hogfish stock based on a recent stock assessment, 4) increase the hogfish minimum size limit to 14 inches fork length to reduce the likelihood of season closures, and 5) remove the powerhead exception for the harvest of hogfish in the Gulf of Mexico stressed area.


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Point of Contact:
Peter Hood