Red Snapper

Framework Action to Modify the Quotas for Red Snapper in the Gulf of Mexico (2015-2017+)

At their January 2015 meeting, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council requested a framework action to modify the quotas for commercial and recreational harvest of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico.  The table provides the quotas, allowable biological catch (ABC), and annual catch targets (ACT) in million pounds whole weight.  The commercial and recreational sector quotas would be based on the current 51 percent commercial and 49 percent recreational allocation.  The recreational ACT is set 20 percent below the recreational quota, and is based on a proposed rule that was published in November 2014. 

Year ABC Total Quota Commercial Quota Recreational Quota Recreational ACT
2015 14.30 14.30 7.293 7.007 5.606
2016 13.96 13.96 7.120 6.840 5.472
2017+ 13.74 13.74 7.007 6.733 5.384


Under an individual fishing quota (IFQ) program, the commercial quota increase would be distributed to IFQ shareholders on or shortly after the effective date of the final rule.  The increase to the recreational quota will allow days to be added to the red snapper recreational fishing season, which will open on June 1, 2015, and close when the ACT is met or projected to be met.  

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Point of Contact:
Cynthia Meyer

Framework Action