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Caribbean Island-Based Fishery Management Plans

The Caribbean Fishery Management Council (Council) is proposing to transition management of federal fisheries in the U.S. Caribbean from the current species-based fishery management plans (FMPs) to island-based FMPs.

Currently, the Council and NOAA Fisheries organize FMPs in the U.S. Caribbean by species or species groups (i.e., Spiny Lobster, Reef Fish). Island-based FMPs will be structured by island or island group, rather than by species, to allow managers to better consider the differences in culture, markets, gears, and seafood preferences among the U.S. Caribbean islands.

In March 2013, NOAA Fisheries and the Council developed an Environmental Assessment which analyzed the shift in fisheries management in the U.S. Caribbean from species-based to island-based. NOAA Fisheries and the Council are currently developing island-based FMPs for Puerto Rico, St. Croix, and St. Thomas/St. John, and when finalized, these new plans will replace the current species-based FMPs. 

To reach the Caribbean Operations Branch staff, please call 727-824-5305.

Point of Contact 

María del Mar López 

Puerto Rico
St. Croix
St. Thomas/St. John