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Modifying Regulations for Abrir La Sierra Bank, Tourmaline Bank, and Bajo de Sico, Puerto Rico

This regulatory amendment proposed to modify regulations among three managed areas off the west coast of Puerto Rico (Abrir la Sierra Bank, Bajo de Sico, and Tourmaline Bank) to ensure adequate protection for resident spawning aggregations and the habitats that support those aggregations, facilitate enforcement, and avoid confusion among constituents.

At their 153rd Regular Meeting held in August 2015, the Caribbean Fishery Management Council (Council) discussed modifying the closed seasons and closure provisions for Bajo de Sico, Tourmaline Bank, and Abrir La Sierra Bank.  The Council decided not to change the management of these areas; therefore, the current regulations for these three areas remain in place. 


Please see Fishery Bulletin FB15-067 for current regulations in these three areas. 

To reach the Caribbean Operations Branch staff, please call 727-824-5305.

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