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Caribbean Queen Conch Regulatory Amendment 2: 
Compatibility of Trip and Bag Limits for the Harvest of Queen Conch in Federal Waters of the U.S. Caribbean

The purpose of Regulatory Amendment 2 is to improve the compatibility of federal and U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) territorial regulations for queen conch in order to facilitate enforcement efforts while ensuring the long-term health of the queen conch resource.

The final rule will revise the commercial trip limit for queen conch in U.S. Caribbean federal waters to be compatible with the trip limit in USVI territorial waters.  The final rule will change the commercial trip limit in federal waters to 200 queen conch per vessel per day instead of the current 150 queen conch per licensed commercial fisher per day.  The Caribbean Council decided to leave the recreational bag limit unchanged because increasing the bag limit to make it compatible with the USVI would only slightly facilitate law enforcement efforts, but may negatively impact the continued health of the queen conch resource.

To reach the Caribbean Operations Branch staff, please call 727-824-5305.

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Maria del Mar Lopez


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