Right Whale Outreach and Education

NOAA Fisheries recognizes the importance of outreach and education to the conservation and protection of North Atlantic right whales.  Right whale education materials and programs are customized to reach specific target audiences including mariners, recreational boaters, recreational enthusiasts, (i.e. surfers, jet skiers, kayakers, parasailers) and the general public.

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For more information about NOAA Fisheries right whale outreach and education programs in the Southeast U.S., contact: 

Cheryl Munday
Phone: (727) 824-5335
Email: Cheryl.munday@noaa.gov

Inflatable Right Whale

The inflatable right whale calf is exhibited at schools, festivals, conferences, and trade shows. The life-size (22 ft.) inflatable right whale calf enhances outreach by drawing people to exhibits, and sharing information about right whale conservation. Schools, non-profits and other education organizations in the Southeast U.S. may request to borrow the inflatable right whale for educational purposes.  The following forms must be completed when submitting a request:

Inflatable Right Whale Request Form
Inflatable Right Whale Borrowing Agreement

Right Whale Festival

The mission of this festival is to celebrate the North Atlantic right whales annual return to the Southeast U.S, which is the only known right whale calving area. This free one-day family-oriented festival featuring live music, educational presentations, food, arts & crafts, children’s activities such as an obstacle course and a passport program, a beach cleanup, a beach run, and over 55 exhibits geared towards raising awareness and inspiring the community about these critically endangered whales, their habitat, and conservation needs.

 The 10th Annual Right Whale Festival will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at the Sea Walk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
For more information, visit: www.rightwhalefestival.com

Right Whale Curriculum

This 19 lesson Cetacean/ Right Whale Curriculum was developed in partnership with Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida and NOAA Fisheries.  The curriculum was designed to be integrated into a 4th grade curriculum.  The lessons incorporate right whales conservation messages through multiple subjects such as math, science, history, and reading.  Most lessons take approximately one class period; lesson may be taught as a complete curriculum or independently of each other.  Florida Sunshine State Standards and Common Core Standards are provided for each lesson.

To download curriculum lessons, presentations and videos, visit: http://stjohns.ifas.ufl.edu/sea/

Right Whale Educational Materials

For Mariners:  
Shipboard Right Whale Protection Program Notebook
Compliance Guide for Right Whale Ship Strike Reduction Rule
Mandatory Ship Reporting System
Recommended Shipping Lanes to Reduce Collisions with Right Whales 
North Atlantic Right Whale Recreational Boaters ALERT/ AVOID 
Report a Right Whale Sighting
Help Prevent Extinction of the North Atlantic Right Whale 

Other Right Whale Education Materials:
Right Whale Fact Sheet
Right Whale Kid’s Activity Guide
How to Help a Stranded Marine Mammal? Southeast U.S. Marine Mammal Stranding Network Brochure
Southeast U.S. Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Viewing Guidelines

Videos & Public Service Announcements (PSAs):
North Atlantic Right Whale PSA: Slow to 10 Knots
North Atlantic Right Whale PSA: Stay 500 yards Away 
Endangered Ocean: North Atlantic Right Whales (Ocean Today) 

Smartphone Apps:
Dolphin & Whale 911
SEE & ID Dolphins & Whales

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