SERO in the Community

Southeast Regional Office staff conduct a variety of education and outreach activities in the communities we serve. From training adults and professionals, to teaching school children, to interacting with community groups and families - SERO aims to create and informed citizenry that understands the programs and activities of the Office, and the habitats and species we work to protect.

Science Festival

The Southeast Region is a founding partner and sponsor of the annual St. Petersburg Science Festival. Held in St. Petersburg, Florida each fall, this event teaches students and families of the wonders of science through hands on activities and attractions. The Southeast Region's exhibit features activities such as Protected Resources Origami, Inflatable Marine Mammals, and the Turtle Hurdle (a life size Turtle Excluder Device in which kids can navigate) and more!

B-WET Workshops

The NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training (B‐WET) Program is an environmental education program that promotes locally relevant, authentic experiential learning focused on K–12 audiences. The primary delivery of B‐WET is through Southeast Regional Office competitive funding that promotes Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs). MWEEs are multi‐stage activities that include learning both outdoors and in the classroom, and aim to increase the environmental literacy of all participants. Through workshops and rigorous learning experiences, teachers and students investigate topics of interest, learn they have control over the outcome of environmental issues, identify actions available to address these issues, and understand the value of those actions.

Great American Teach In

The Great American Teach-In is a special opportunity for professionals to visit public schools in Florida and share knowledge with a new generation. The Teach-In introduces students to career options they might never have considered, hobbies they might never have discovered and activities they might never have experienced. Students learn from professionals, trades people, parents, community members and other students. During the Teach In, Southeast Regional Office experts visit schools give presentations, led games and activities, and provided show and tell items to increase students' understanding of Office programs and activities, and the habitats and species we work to protect.

Dolphin SMART Workshops

Dolphin SMART is a unique, voluntary recognition and education program offering participation incentives for commercial businesses conducting wild dolphin viewing tours that voluntarily follow the “program criteria,” and educate their customers about the importance of responsible viewing of wild dolphins. Among other things, Dolphin SMART operators engage in responsible advertising further promoting responsible dolphin viewing. In the Southeast Region, we train commercial business leaders and the public on responsible viewing of wild dolphins.

Right Whale Festival

The Right Whale Festival celebrates the annual return of the endangered North Atlantic right whales and the beginning of right whale calving season off the coast of northeast Florida and Georgia. It’s a fun and free outdoor event for all ages, and its also an opportunity to expand awareness about the threats to right whales such as accidental ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear. Less than 500 right whales exist today and their home waters span the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. and parts of Canada. The Southeast Regional Office is a founding partner and sponsor of the festival.