Outreach and Education

NOAA Fisheries Southeast Regional Office (SERO) is committed to working with teachers, students, community groups, and constituents to provide educational opportunities through workshop, community events, presentations, and literature so a well-informed society can make a difference through responsible decision making.

The Office aims to foster stewards of the environment by participating in, and creating, opportunities to inform and educate the public on the Office's mission and impact on the economy and environment, and the important link between society and our environment. This is accomplished by the following:

  • Educating young people, and their teachers, on the programs and activities of the Office and the habitats and species we work to protect.

  • Establishing the Office as a resource for the community.

  • Creating informed constituents who make decisions that lead economically vibrant fisheries and their habitats.

For more information about education and outreach at SERO, email Amy.Clark@noaa.gov.