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Resources for Current Gulf of Mexico B-WET Recipients

Grants Online

Grants Online is the online system NOAA uses to accept applications from and route them to the proper competitive program to review, process, and administer. For successful projects, Grants Online handles all financial and progress reporting, no-cost extension requests, reprogramming, and other award action requests.

If you are a current NOAA grant recipient and would like to keep informed about Grants Online we recommend you bookmark the Grants Online website and regularly check the site for updated information. In addition, the Grants Online Training page provides instructions on how to use the system, information about Grants Online training course, as well as contact information for the Grants Online Helpdesk.

Welcome Packet for Grantees

Click here for a welcome packet designed to be a resource, help answer common questions, and provide information throughout your award.

Performance Reporting Guidelines

Click here for suggested content and guidance on Gulf B-WET performance (progress) reports.

B-WET National Evaluation

Click here to be routed to the B-WET evaluation resources webpages. These pages provide guidance and resource related to the National B-WET Evaluation and other evaluation resources.

MWEE (Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience) Definition

Click here to read the definition of the Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience on which B-WET project are centered.

Federal Financial Assistance Guidance

  1. Dept of Commerce Standard Terms and Conditions (March 2017) (link)
  2. NOAA Standard Terms and Conditions (link)
  3. 2 CFR Part 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements (link)

Stay Connected!

  1. NOAA’s B-WET FaceBook page (link)
  2. NOAA's Education Resources (link)