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Unallied Science Program 

This program provides grants and cooperative agreements for biological, socio-economic, and physical science research on the stocks of fisheries resources and protected resources of the United States and their environment. This research is to contribute to the optimal management of these resources for the benefit of the Nation. Unallied Science Projects provide grants and cooperative agreements to develop innovative approaches and methods for marine and estuarine science.

This program benefits Federal, State, and local governments, including their universities and colleges; U.S. territorial agencies; federally and State-recognized Indian Tribal governments; private universities and colleges; private profit and non-profit research and conservation organizations and/or individuals.

In the Southeast this program has been used to fund research on stock enhancement of marine fisheries species through aquaculture and to investigate the biology of red drum.  Recently this program has funded research on reef fish impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  Funds from this program also support the protection of threatened and endangered marine species in the states of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida. This includes counting and protecting sea turtle nests, participation in the sea turtle stranding network, and protection of right whales during calving season via an aerial early-warning system for ships to prevent whale/vessel collisions.

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