Cooperative Research Program (CRP)


Cooperative Research Program - CRP 

The Cooperative Research Program (CRP) is a competitive Federal assistance program that funds projects seeking to increase and improve the working relationship between researchers from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), state fishery agencies, universities, and fishermen. Congress has initiated the cooperative research funding to assist the NMFS to improve the confidence that both commercial and recreational fishermen have in the data and analyses performed in support of fisheries management.

The CRP has as its principal goal to provide a means of involving commercial and recreational fishermen in the collection of fundamental fisheries information to support the development and evaluation of management and regulatory options.

Cooperative research programs allow scientists and fishermen to bring valuable tools and experience to the objectives of a research project. Scientists realize that fishermen have knowledge, skills, and vessels that would not otherwise be available for research. Fishermen, willing to work with scientists, recognize that the information collected will not be used in management decisions unless it is scientifically credible. The interaction between fishermen and scientists not only improves the design and implementation of research studies but also improves the knowledge and acceptance of scientific results that are produced by such studies. Working together, fishermen and scientists can improve our understanding of the complex interactions between fishery resources and fishing practices.

The intent of the cooperative research program in the Southeast Region is to utilize the collective experience of fishermen and scientists to produce the best advice to fishery managers based on fishing experience and sound scientific research procedures. The program focuses on critical management needs that have been identified by managers and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Strategic Plan for Fisheries Research. As with the Marine Fisheries Initiative (MARFIN) program, this program is coordinated with other programs to provide regional assessments of fishery resources. The cooperative research program provides the necessary programmatic integration through cooperative planning, the accomplishment of program activities and sharing of results.

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FY2019 Cooperative Research Program (CRP) Federal Funding Opportunity

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Information on Written Agreements

All applicants must include a written agreement with a person employed by the National Marine Fisheries Service who will act as a partner in the proposed research project. Applicants will work with the NMFS partner to assist in preparing the agreement. If you are unable to locate a NMFS partner for your proposal, contact Guy Davenport at the Southeast Fisheries Science Center (850) 234-6541.

If an applicant is not a commercial or recreational fisherman, a written agreement describing the involvement between the applicant and a commercial or recreational fisherman/fishermen must be submitted with the application.