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The SERO Permits Office is available to answer all your questions about federal fishing permits required in the South Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea. 

For help filling out the Federal Permit Application for Vessels Fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), go to our Interactive Vessel Application Directions.  To see the answer to your questions and more, check out our SERO Permits Office List of Frequently Asked Questions.  

The regulations governing permits in the Caribbean, Gulf, and South Atlantic fisheries are found in 50 CFR part 622.  Please refer to this document for individual permit requirements.

Reporting requirements are handled by the NMFS Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Miami, FL.  Please make sure your logbooks are up to date prior to submitting your renewal application.  You can view your logbook status online or contact the logbook office at (305) 361-4581.

Certain permits have VMS requirements that are handled by the NMFS Office of Law Enforcement in St. Petersburg, FL.  Please contact the VMS office at 1-800-758-4833 with your VMS compliance questions including how to obtain a Power Down Letter of Exemption.

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Our mailing address is:

NOAA Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office
Constituency Services Branch
263 13th Avenue South
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701


Don't forget to include all the required documents and payment with your completed application.