2017 Gray Triggerfish Recreational Closure

Gray triggerfish have an accountability measure associated with its harvest that requires the sector to payback any harvest overage during the next fishing season.  In 2016, the Gulf of Mexico gray triggerfish recreational landings are estimated to be 422,436 pounds.  The 2017 annual catch limit and annual catch target were scheduled to be 241,200 pounds and 217,100 pounds, respectively.  The harvest overage will reduce the annual catch target to zero pounds, and the annual catch limit to 19,987 pounds. NOAA Fisheries is required to close the recreational sector when landings reach or are projected to reach the ACT. Therefore, recreational harvest of gray triggerfish in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico will be closed for 2017, or until further notice.

To reach Sustainable Fisheries staff, please call 727-824-5305.

Point of Contact:
Rich Malinowski

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