USVI Larval Distribution and Supply, Fisheries Oceanography Survey


How is it funded, who administers it?


Why was the survey originally designed?


What are/were the intended outcomes/objectives?


Describe the temporal and spatial coverage of the survey

Show the geographic coverage of the survey 

Cruise #1- NF 0705 March 27, 2007 to April 10, 2007


Cruise #2 NF-08-05, March 11-24, 2008. *Neuston tows/ north of USVI added


Cruise #3- NF-09-03, April 7-20, 2009. *North of St. Croix added


How often is the survey conducted? Basically annually

Is it seasonal? No, the cruises were at different dates due to ship scheduling issues.


Describe the underlying experimental design


Describe the methodology and gear


Describe the outputs of the survey


Self-Evaluation of pros and cons of Survey

What suite of species does this survey target?

What are the gear/method biases (catchability, size selectivity)?

What are the temporal/spatial limitations?

Is this survey expected to continue into the future? ?

It is relatively expensive/inexpensive, logistically difficult/easy?


Self-Evaluation of utility of survey for generating information for stock assessment

Spatial/Temporal coverage:

Data generated

Provide any other information that may be relevant to this discussion

Provide most relevant documentation

Cruise reports are available