Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Stock Annual Catch Limits Landings

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has provided the following preliminary landings estimates for species subject to stock annual catch limits (ACLs).


As of August 7, 2014, ALL dealers in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic were required to have a federal Gulf and South Atlantic dealer permit and submit weekly, electronic reports.  Reports must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. local time, every Tuesday.  If no purchases are made, a no-purchase form must also be submitted online, once per week.  Dealers may not purchase fish if they have not submitted timely reports and will not be able to renew their permits if reports are outstanding.  Dealers can apply for a permit here

Please see the Fishery Bulletin for additional information.


This page was updated on 10/3/2016.


Preliminary Landings (lbs) for Species with Stock ACLs in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic
Species Complex Year Season Sector Date Landings Updated Sector Total Total Reported Units ACL ACL % ACT ACT %

Spiny Lobster


August 6 - March 31

2015-2016 Recreational 6/23/16 1,481,487 7,543,390 ww 7,320,000 103.05 6,590,000 114.47
Commercial 6/23/16 6,051,903
2014-2015 Recreational 6/23/16 1,621,182 7,057,322 ww 7,320,000 96.41 6,590,000 107.09
Commercial 6/23/16 5,436,140
2013-2014 Recreational 6/23/16 1,602,654 7,975,659 ww 7,320,000 108.96 6,590,000 121.03
Commercial 6/23/16 6,373,005
2012-2013 Recreational 6/23/16 1,558,995 5,623,212 ww 7,320,000 76.82 6,590,000 85.33
Commercial 6/23/16 4,064,217

    (a) Recreational landings are reported to the state of Florida and will be available following the end of the fishing year.


  ww = whole weight
  gw = gutted weight