Elkhorn coral

Acropora palmata


Staghorn coral

Acropora cervicornis


Star corals

Montastraea annularis complex


Pillar coral

Dendrogyra cylindrus

Rough Cactus

Rough Cactus coral

Mycetophylia ferox

Protected Caribbean Corals Program

NOAA Lists 20 New Corals as Threatened under the ESA
Elkhorn and Staghorn Remain Listed as Threatened
NOAA originally proposed listing 66 species (mix of endangered and threatened).  In this final rule, NOAA will list 20 new species as threatened and no species as endangered.  Five new corals are threatened in the Southeast; elkhorn and staghorn will remain listed as threatened. Fifteen new corals are listed as threatened in the Pacific. In the final rule, we changed our determinations for many of the species for two general reasons:  (1) we received via public comments, or gathered ourselves, information that expanded the available general and species-specific information; and (2) informed by public comments, we refined the way we apply all the available information to determine vulnerability to extinction of these species.

NOAA Fisheries works to protect and preserve corals and coral reefs by addressing the threats that are causing their decline.  Caribbean species as “threatened” include elkhorn coral, staghorn coral, lobed star coral, knobby star coral, mountainous star coral, pillar coral, and rough cactus coral.

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2014 Final Rule
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2014 Final Rule (Fed Reg Notice)
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Draft Elkhorn and Staghorn Coral Recovery Plan
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