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Archive - News Releases

The following links are all PDF documents. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view them. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it Free from Adobe's web site:
  News Releases 2007  
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  December 18, 2007 NOAA Seeks Greater Protections for Threatened Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals
  November 13, 2007 Endangered Right Whales Headed South for Winter Alert for Mariners and Fishers in Southeast U.S. Waters
  August 17, 2007 NOAA Fisheries Service Releasing Sea Turtles into Christmas Bay, Texas; Three juvenile green turtles to be released August 20, 2007
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  August 9, 2007 NOAA Rejects Longline Swordfish Permit But Remains Committed to Research in Closed Areas
  August 2, 2007 NOAA Develops Seafood Consumer Guide Guide to be Unveiled at the “Great American Seafood Cookoff”
  July 24, 2007 NOAA Proposes Stringent Limits to Sandbar Shark Fishing
  July 19, 2007 Important Sighting of Mother and Calf Right Whales Confirmed Off  Northeast Florida, NOAA Asks Mariners To Keep A Lookout And Report Future Sightings  
  July 2, 2007 Feeding and Harassing Wild Dolphins - A Federal Offense NOAA Reminds Public To View Wild Dolphins Responsibly This Independence Holiday
  June 29, 2007 NOAA Releases 120 Florida Loggerhead Sea Turtles into the Wild: Fisheries Scientists Complete Annual Turtle Excluder Device Testing
  June 26, 2007 NOAA Scientist Forecast a Positive Shrimp Season for Western Gulf of Mexico
  June 25, 2007 NOAA Announces Rule to Protect North Atlantic Right Whales from Gillnet Entanglement in Southeast U.S. Rule effective annually from November 15 - April 15
  June 18, 2007 NOAA, USCG provide commercial mariners with free interactive guide to right whale protection
  April 25, 2007 Morehead City Resident Receives NOAA Distinguished Career Award - Ethel A. Hall Honored for 40 Years of Service
  April 20, 2007 NOAA Seeking Public Comment on Long-Term Measures to Address Over fishing and Bycatch in the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper and Shrimp Fisheries
  February 23, 2007 Grouper Stocks to Undergo Additional Scientific Review
  January 25, 2007 Right Whale Calf Dies off Jacksonville, Florida
  News Releases 2006  
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  December 7, 2006 'RACE' For Red Snapper to End in Gulf of Mexico Commercial Fishery
  November 21, 2006 Recreational Grouper Fishing Closure Announced for Gulf of Mexico Seasonal Closure to happen February 15 through March 15
  November 16, 2006 NOAA Announces Emergency Rules to Protect Right Whales from Gillnet Entanglement
  November 9, 2006 NOAA builds its largest Barrier Island Project
  October 11, 2006 Dolphin deaths from recreational fishing gear are on the rise - NOAA Recommends "Best Practices" for Recreational Fishers
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  September 22, 2006 NOAA awarded $1,029,368 in grants for 12 community-based marine debris prevention and removal projects
  September 8, 2006 Offshore Marine Waters to Remain Closed to Striped Bass Fishing
  August 29, 2006 NOAA Fisheries Service Seeks Comments on Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Plan
  August 25, 2006 $128 million cooperative agreement to assist Gulf states recover and monitor fisheries
  August 25, 2006 Gulf seafood safe to eat as one-year anniversary of hurricane Katrina approaches
  August 22, 2006 NOAA Fisheries Service Service Publishes Final 2006 List of Fisheries
  August 17, 2006 Coral Reef Restoration efforts follow ship grounding in Puerto Rico
  August 3, 2006 NOAA Fisheries Service Service Chief to Rate Chefs at National Cook-Off
  August 3, 2006 NOAA Seeks Comment on Marine Mammal Incidental Harassment Request
  June 29, 2006 Commerce Announces 2006 Ocean Fishery Council Appointments
  June 23, 2006 NOAA Fisheries Service Service Asks Public to Protect Wild Dolphins (New Billboards in Panama City Promote Wild Dolphin Conservation)
  June 23, 2006 NOAA Proposes Regulations to Reduce Risk of Collisions Between Ships and Endangered Northern Right Whales
  May 15, 2006 NOAA Fisheries Service Service Asks Public to Protect Wild Dolphins (New Billboards in Panama City Promote Wild Dolphin Conservation)
  May 5, 2006 Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals Listed in Threatened Status
  April 7, 2006

NOAA Seeks Comment for the Incidental Harassment of Marine Mammals in the Gulf of Mexico

  February 28, 2006 NOAA and FWC Confirm Right Whales off Florida Gulf Coast Mariners asked to use caution and keep sharp lookout
  News Releases 2005  
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  January 6, 2005 Commerce Secretary Appoints Fishery Council Member
  News Releases 2004  
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  July 8, 2004 New Cooperative Study to Explore effort in the Gulf of Mexico Shrimp Fishery
  June 28, 2004 NOAA Fisheries Service Urge Boaters to Protect Sea Turtles and Marine Mammals during Fourth of July Busy Weekend
  June 25, 2004 NOAA Fisheries Service Completes Annual Turtle Excluder Device Testing 160 Florida Sea Turtles Returned to the Wild
  March 19, 2004 More than 60 Bottlenose Dolphins Die in Unusual Mortality Event in Florida: NOAA Fisheries Service Gets Preliminary Tests Results: Cause of Mortality Still A Mystery
  January 26, 2004 NOAA Fisheries Service Reminds Boaters: Give Right Whales Wide Berth Federal Law Prohibits Approaching Endangered Right Whales Within 500 Yards
  January 14, 2004 New Marine Noaa Weather Radio Transmitter Serves Tampa Bay and Adjacent Coastal Waters
  News Releases 2003  
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  September 22, 2003 NOAA Fisheries Service Reminds Shrimpers That New Regulations Are In Effect and Being Enforced
  July 11, 2003 Dolphin Feeding and Harassment Is Harmful and Illegal: Boaters and Tourists Advised to Obey Law, Appreciate Dolphins From a Distance
  July 2, 2003 NOAA Fisheries Service Completes Annual Turtle Excluder Device Testing 160 Florida Sea Turtles Returned to the Wild
  July 3, 2003 NOAA Fisheries Service Completes Annual Turtle Excluder Device Testing 160 Florida Sea Turtles Returned to the Wild
  April 03, 2003 NOAA TEDS RULE GOES INTO EFFECT For Most Shrimpers, New Turtle Excluder Device (TEDs) Rules Mean Minor Modifications to Nets"
  March 13, 2003 NOAA Fisheries Service Monitors Dolphin Dolphin Trapped in Freshwater May Need Assistance
  February 21, 2003 NOAA Fisheries Service Publishes Rules to Modify Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs)
  January 10, 2003 NOAA Fisheries Service Appoints New Southeast Regional Administrator

Photo caption: Roy Crabtree (L) is congratulated by Rollie Schmitten, the Chief of NOAA Fisheries Service Habitat Conservation Division who also served temporarily as the Acting Administrator of NOAA Fisheries Service Service, Southeast Region.
  January 8, 2002 New, One-step Registration System Reduces Paperwork and Financial Burden on Southeast Fishermen
  News Releases 2002  
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  September 23, 2002 NOAA Fisheries Service Restricts Gillnets off Georgia and Florida to Protect Whales
  September 4, 2002 NOAA Fisheries Service Determines Atlantic White Marlin Does Not Warrant Listing Under the Endangered Species Act
  June 27, 2002 NOAA Fisheries Service Forecasts above Average 2002 Season for Brown Shrimp in Western Gulf of Mexico
  May 10, 2002 NOAA Announces $337,200 Federal Funding For Southeast Fishery Habitat Restoration
  April 11, 2002 NOAA Fisheries Service Seeks Comment on Proposed Seasonal Gillnet Restrictions to Protect Whales Off Georgia and Florida
  April 2, 2002 NOAA Fisheries Service Seeks Comment on Proposed Moratorium on For-Hire Permits in Gulf of Mexico
  March 18, 2002 NOAA Fisheries Service Takes Emergency Action to Protect Migrating Sea Turtles from Monkfish Gillnets off NC and VA
  February 11, 2002 NOAA Fisheries Service' Marine Mammal Authorization Program Integrates with States' Fishery License Systems


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